assesmentOrganisational, Motor Industry focused assessments identify a potential candidate or current employee‘s level of competence, training needs, attitudes and strengths, which will enable you, the employer, to select the best candidate for your company and to develop your employees through specific training needs identified.

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Assessment
  • Development Assessment
  • Training Portfolio Assessment
  • Recognition of Prior Learning

consultingConsulting for Operational Development in both the Manufacturing and Retail environment aim to add significant value to your business

  • Management Coaching
  • Strategic Process Improvement
  • Dealer / Franchise Standard Evaluation
  • Development of Course Content

  • Training Administration Management

trainSpecialised Training focuses on the training, coaching and developing the potential of employees to perform their daily tasks with confidence and the alignment of employees with the business processes and procedures

  • Specialised Training
  • Managerial / Skilled / Cadet Programme Types
  • Vehicle Sales and Support Services (Cadet Programme)
  • Specific Needs Interventions and Workshops

surveysEqual Career Services has the knowledge and experience required to create and execute a successful service or sale follow-up survey campaigns for your organisation.

  • Customer Satisfaction Information
  • Employment Satisfaction Information
  • Dealer Satisfaction Information 

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